It’s not all about data…

“An ounce of data is worth a thousand pounds of opinion.”
Ashish Jha. An Ounce of Evidence. Health Policy Blog. Harvard University. 

“An ounce of knowledge is worth a ton of data”
Gaines, Brian R. “An Ounce of Knowledge is Worth a Ton of Data: Quantitative studies of the Trade-Off between Expertise and Data Based On Statistically Well-Founded Empirical Induction.” In ML, pp. 156-159. 1989.

But it’s not all about data:
(1) “L’art, c’est moi; la science, c’est nous” – Claude Bernard, 1865.
(2) “Collaborate, exchange, negotiate, challenge, co-produce: this is science.” – Trisha Greenhalgh (comments about the document by C. Bernard)
(3) “Don’t let the measurable drive out the relevant” – Albert Einstein.
(4) “Go to work, and above all co-operate and don’t hold back on one another or try to gain at the expense of another.” — Bucky Fuller

Original post –
An ounce of #data vs. thousand pound of opinion —- An ounce of #knowledge vs. a ton of data | But… it’s not all about data…

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