‘Something Personal’ –‘Inside’ | ‘Algo Personal’ — ‘Adentro’

This is one of my favorite songs of Joan Manuel Serrat: Algo Personal.

What a surprise! Serrat Ft. Calle 13

That’s all I need: an endorsement by Serrat to Residente Calle 13


“The effect of criminal practices by pharmaceutical companies is only possible because of the complicity of others: healthcare systems, professional associations, governmental and academic institutions. Pharmaceutical companies also corrupt at the personal level, politicians and political parties are on their payroll, medical professionals seduced by different types of gifts in exchange of prescriptions (i.e., bribery) which very likely results in patients not receiving the proper treatment for their disease, many times there is no such thing: healthy persons not needing pharmacological treatments of any kind are constantly misdiagnosed and treated with unnecessary drugs. Some medical professionals are converted in K.O.L. which is only a puppet appearing on stage to spread lies to their peers, a person supposedly trained to improve the well-being of others, now deceits on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. Probably the saddest thing is that many honest doctors are being misled by these lies created by the rules of pharmaceutical marketing instead of scientific, medical, and ethical principles. Interpretation of EBM in this context was not anticipated by their creators.”

Is the pharmaceutical industry like the mafia  Yes   Chaotic Pharmacology (1)

– A message for Big Pharma and their partners in crime –

Jorge Ramírez su Twitter   @pharmagossip  it's not ILLEGAL unless you get CAUGHT!  - Agreed. Big Pharma  I will be hunting! http   t.co PPtmExRZKV  (1)


– Hasta que les quede ADENTRO! bien ADENTRO!! –


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