‘Hippocratic oath for scientists’

‘Hippocratic oath for scientists’  – Nature News Blog
12 Sep 2007 – Posted by Daniel Cressey

– Act with skill and care in all scientific work. Maintain up to date skills and assist their development in others.

– Take steps to prevent corrupt practices and professional misconduct. Declare conflicts of interest.

– Be alert to the ways in which research derives from and affects the work of other people, and respect the rights and reputations of others.

– Ensure that your work is lawful and justified.

– Minimise and justify any adverse effect your work may have on people, animals and the natural environment.

– Seek to discuss the issues that science raises for society. Listen to the aspirations and concerns of others.

– Do not knowingly mislead, or allow others to be misled, about scientific matters. Present and review scientific evidence, theory or interpretation honestly and accurately.

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