Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump : Performance Audit of Physician Health Services, Inc.

“Why this is important

State Physician Health Programs (PHPs) were originally developed by competent and caring physicians to help colleagues who developed problems with addiction or substance abuse. As an alternative to disciplinary action by State Medical Boards they provided a safe haven for sick doctors while also protecting the public from impaired physicians. This image as a humanitarian agency with virtuous organizational purpose has created an absence of the need to guard. Any system can be subverted, but as self-governing organizations with no meaningful transparency, oversight, or regulation and accountable to no one, these organizations were particularly vulnerable to exploitation.”
I would like to ask you dear visitor of this blog three – chaotic – favors
1. Please open the URL above to read the full text of this petition.
2. Sign the petition.
3. Share this petition with your friends, family, colleagues, and other contacts following your social media accounts.- It would only take 5 minutes.
You can do this independently of your nationality or country of residence (this matter can affect you independently of where you are right now on this planet).
I wish you an excellent new year: 365 spectacular days: starting today (January 1st, 2015) – the same for all those years to come.
“Hoy puede ser un gran día” — Serrat.

Thanks a lot!


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