Ramirez, Jorge H (2014): Analysis of Essure Safety Data. figsharehttp://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1171205

1. Evidence does not support Bayer statements:
The use of Essure as a safe contraceptive method in women is highly questionable.

2. Bayer is withholding Essure safety data.

3. Agencies from several countries (e.g., FDA and INVIMA) acted as facilitators (not regulators): their actions accelerated the entry of Essure into the market.

4. Regulators are also withholding information involving the market approval of Essure.

5. Let’s be straight up about the Essure case — no need to be over-polite here  —
This discussion is about pharmaceutical crimes committed against thousands of women. These criminal actions were only possible by the complicities of others (e.g., drug regulators and author’s of hidden clinical studies).    

  • I have evidence to support the above statements.

  • Thousands of women have reported serious adverse events after receiving the Essure placement procedure.

  • Bayer responses to these women are disrespectful, offensive, and shameful.

I am here to say that these women are real cases of serious adverse events associated with Essure:

- Please take a look to other types of medical devices advertised by the company promoting the use of Essure in Colombia 
-The geographical location of Gilmedica is very close to my home...

  3 comments for “#Essure

  1. Jennifer
    December 31, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    Agreed! Essure ruined a big part of my life and hurt my pocket book! Thanks #bayer want to pay my 10k in medical bills due to removal of essure…do to a a job allergic reaction. Oh and a big thanks to blue Cross blue shield for also approving my claim then denying it…last time I checked having your tubes removed is not a reversal!

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