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“That possibility and the many forms it can take lie at the center of Darla J. Twale’s and Barbara M. De Luca’sFaculty Incivility, which sets out to show the degree to which the modern university is full of bullies and their enablers. It starts with the most familiar varieties — direct aggression, verbal harassment, threats, and mobbing — but also includes sweeter-sounding, paternalistic and passive-aggressive harassment. Most troubling of all, Twale and De Luca describe how perpetrators use institutional means, such as the assignment of coursework and committees or the anonymity of peer review, to marginalize victims and sabotage their careers.”  —

“When there are no policies in place that address these behaviors, those who feel that they are victims of bullying are uncomfortable addressing it. In addition, those on the tenure track may be more hesitant to speak up when there’s a problem.”
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Continuing the posts about education: #ShitAcademicsSay

“If you work in a university and you suspected wrongdoing, what would you do next?” – Reblogged @FearLoathingBTXist

Academic bullying as a method to silence scientific debate (directed to me or anyone) is not tolerated. Furthermore, you will only get more debate (10.000x) (500.000x).

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