FYI (1/2): Asociación Colombiana de Psiquiatría – @ACPPsiquiatria. ―cc @FearLoathingBTX @FedemedicaC

I. Information about psychiatric drugs

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“This story is the first in a two-part investigative special on problems in the clinical trials industry. The second, which asks why disgraced doctors are allowed to test drugs on human volunteers, is available here.”

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Psychiatric drugs are doing us more harm than good The Guardian Wednesday 30 April2014 16.35 BST. 

“As with benzodiazepines in the 1980s, the UK is prescribing SSRI antidepressants at a staggering rate – and to no good effect.” “My studies of the research literature in this whole area lead me to a very uncomfortable conclusion: the way we currently use psychiatric drugs is causing more harm than good. We should therefore use them much less, for shorter periods of time, and always with a plan for tapering off, to prevent people from being medicated for the rest of their lives.”  ―Peter C. Gøtzsche

Response to: “Full text of CEP members’ letter to The Lancet Psychiatry in response to article by Nutt et al” —Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry

Dear Sirs, Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry (CEP),

I think that your concerns regarding psychiatric drugs, explained with great detail and cogent arguments through your website, are legitimate and well-founded.(1) I also found the response by Nutt and colleagues shameful and insulting, I’ll like to express here my firm intention to answer that letter in The Lancet.

1. Re: Putting GlaxoSmithKline to the test over paroxetine

Yours sincerely,

Jorge H. Ramírez
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.

II. Unanswered questions
Bienvenido al XXVIII Congreso APAL 2014 – Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

III. Misleading statements on the Colombian news media

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