Hospital prescribing of Haloperidol in your NHS Health Board area

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Haloperidol is also the first-line of pharmacological treatment for patients with acute agitation in Colombia. It is frequently combined in the same syringe with midazolam, and then it is administered via the IM or IV route. About three years ago I presented a lecture at the Psychiatric Hospital San Isidro (Cali, Colombia) in which I adviced against this practice because of the insufficient evidence supporting the combination of these 2 drugs (i.e., haloperidol plus midazolam) for acute agitation and psychosis. Nonetheless, I am aware that this practice has not been abandoned at San Isidro Psychiatric Hospital and it is also widespread across the country in other mental clinics.

Hole Ousia

I have sent the following as a Freedom of Information request to 14 NHS Boards in Scotland. When I receive replies I will post them on Hole Ousia.

7 November 2014.

Dear NHS Board,
I am writing as part of a Freedom of Information request regarding statistical details of the prescribing of the antipsychotic medication generically called HALOPERIDOL. It may be that the all of the information that I request is already available through a publicly accessible database and if so could you please direct me to this.

The reason I write is that I am aware that Hospital Guidelines/Protocols for acute agitation, psychosis, behavioural or psychological disturbance generally seem to include Haloperidol as the first-line pharmacological treatment of choice, given either orally or intramuscularly.

This week in the British Medical Journal the following paper has been published: “Change Page:Don’t use antipsychotics routinely to treat agitation and aggression in people with dementia” This refers to individuals who may be…

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