“Chaos Theory” to “Evidence Based Medicine”: Hello!

“Chaos Theory” to “Evidence Based Medicine”:
see you soon: Deadline: October 31, 2014.

MeSH - chaos vs. evidence based medicine.004

Please let chaos knows if it is possible or not to be there by Oct 31.

Figure_1._Unadjusted_and_adjusted_PubMed_publication_trends__1992_2014_.___Evidence_based_... (3)

Tendencias de búsqueda de Google - Interés en Búsqueda web  evidence based medicine, medicina basada en la evide..., ebm, practice guidelines, médecine factuelle - En todo el mundo, 2004 - hoy (1)  Figure_3._Google_trends_2004_2014._Evidence_based_medicine___clinical_practice_guidelines

Tendencias de búsqueda de Google - Interés en Búsqueda web  evidence based medicine - En todo el mundo, 2004 - hoyFigure_4._PubMed_publication_trends__1962_2013__systematic_reviews_and_meta_analysis__clin... (5)  Figure 2

Web of Science [v.5.14  - Todas las bases de datosResultados (1)

Article details (8) Article details (7)

(4) Cheers.






PubMed publication trends according to MeSH terms (available below)

Questions on ResearchGate about the hypothesis: Closed

This will be discussed via figshare on the following reference:

Ramirez, Jorge H (2014): Data (i.e., evidence) about evidence based medicine. figshare.

I’ll be open to discussions on October 31, 2014 (deadline of the EBM challenge).

Please feel free and welcome to share your thoughts & data about hierarchical levels of EBM before & after Oct 31, 2014. However, I’ll only respond to questions after this deadline. This is also the last post in this blog until the next October 31, 2014.

Chaos (i.e., nonlinear dynamics) started today in this blog





And chaos (i.e., nonlinear models) will be outside this blog today





MeSH entry terms: “nonlinear dynamics”

  • Dynamics, Nonlinear
  • Nonlinear Dynamic
  • Non-linear Dynamics
  • Dynamics, Non-linear
  • Non linear Dynamics
  • Non-linear Dynamic
  • Models, Nonlinear
  • Model, Nonlinear
  • Nonlinear Model
  • Nonlinear Models
  • Non-linear Models
  • Model, Non-linear
  • Models, Non-linear
  • Non linear Models
  • Non-linear Model
  • Chaos Theory
  • Chaos Theories
  • Theories, Chaos
  • Theory, Chaos

MesH entry terms “Evidence-based medicine”

  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Medicine, Evidence-Based
  • Medicine, Evidence Based

I just received a feedblitz email from PharmaGossip.

I’ll also share this video here (I still have to watch it for the 1st time). But it doesn’t matter that I agree or disagree with any contents of this video: (1) Jack sent this; (2) J. Loannidis is a pioneer in these types of discussions, his papers are classics in medical evidence debates & it will also be a pleasure to post this video here:

J. Loannidis: welcome to this chaotic blog

You have a big fan on ResearchGate & I respect a lot his opinion about the hypothesis, he knows a lot about you & by posting Jouko comments below that means: endorsement to both.

“John Loannidis has been involved in 710 publications. Nobody beats him in knowledge on ‘dammed lies of medical publications’.”

– Welcome to chaos too Jouko –


Self Portraid


I posted the video above because it randomly appeared on YouTube.

After watching it, I think this video is perfect here, under the close surveillance of Bacon’s paint and J. Loannidis up there…


Evidence-Based Practice - MeSH - NCBI (1)


Individualized Medicine - MeSH - NCBI



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